About NLPR

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Who we are and what we do

New Life Parrot Rescue and Helpline Service rescues and rehabilitates unwanted, neglected, traumatised or abused parrots. Read our objectives here.

We are a bona fide, registered British charity, a non-profit organisation. Please help us.

As part of our work we aim to educate people about parrot issues. Read about NLPR's media profile in the press, radio and TV.

We care for each individual's needs and where necessary, endeavour to restore sick or malnourished individuals back to good physical and mental health.
We aim to raise public awareness of parrots' needs by promoting parrot welfare, responsible stewardship and good parrot husbandry.
The Helpline Service offers advice on all aspects of parrot care and any problems that parrot people may have. Informative and educational literature is available upon request. A £2.50 cheque or postal order, made payable to NLPR, is required to cover expenses.