The Birds' Stories

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It is the stories of the individual birds that matter most...

WALTER ....... From the Rainforest of South America a fledgling in the nest, he was stolen away by “trappers” who amputated his right wing with a machete and most likely used him as a decoy bird for trapping his parents. Through having been placed on and reared from an improper surface after he was taken from the comfort of his nest, all those years ago, Walter had incurred a condition called ‘displayed-legs’.
 Surviving this traumatic ordeal, he was hand reared. His destination? Export ……. Domestic pet! That was over 40 years ago!

When we received Walter in 2005, he was weak and emaciated and couldn’t perch properly. He was suffering profound malnutrition and a poorly functional digestive system. Walter never had a tail—there was a severe infection in the feather follicles, which went untreated. This caused Walter great discomfort. His previous people had paired Walter with a young feisty, larger macaw who eventually attacked him. Walter had facial injuries when we collected him from a motorway lay-by on that sunny day in June 2005.
Walter had been left to get on with life but this needy, disabled bird required specialist care and attention, with which since coming into our care we lovingly provide.

Walter has never known flight, how could he with only the use of one wing, but he has flourished under our special care and is now strong and vibrant, as the photographs illustrate.

Teddy and me!

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