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Timneh grey parrot.

Arrived at NLPR 14th January 1996

Chucky was believed to be a wild-caught imported bird. He was in captivity for 11 years.

Owned by a lady for four years, Chucky settled down and became quite steady, allowing her eventually to touch him. However, in the last two years with his person, he became withdrawn and fearful of the tall man who had come into his person's life. This caused him to pluck his feathers around his neck.

He was confined to a small cage for long periods, was given no toys and his diet consisted only of seed: no fruit, vegetables, supplements or other healthy foods were given.

When he came to us in 1996, we corrected his diet and provided him with a much larger cage, toys, and freedom from his cage on a daily basis. He had companionship with Vikki, another Timneh grey, for the seven years he was with us.

With heartbreaking sadness, Chucky was killed by an African Grey parrot and passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 28 January 2003.

With moments well treasured and memories so cherished