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Umbrella cockatoo. Arrived at NLPR on 28th May 1996 at nearly 23 years old. Coco was born 4th July 1973 and was hand-reared. She bonded with the female carer who hand reared her. At the age of four years, she was re-housed in an outside aviary with her brother. This induced self-mutilation due to the trauma of having separated from her female surrogate parent and familiar environment. After severely mutilating herself, she was brought back into her familiar surroundings, but her psychological wounds were so deep that she continued to self-mutilate throughout her life, destroying many feather follicles, making feather replacement impossible. Her diet and environmental stimulus were very sparse and didn't satisfy the high intellectual and emotional demands of Coco. This so often happens to all the cockatoo species.

Coco needed one-on-one attention: her needs were so great. We therefore took great pains to find her a compassionate, knowledgeable adoptive guardian. After three months of searching, we placed Coco with her new adoptive guardian in August 1996. Her physical and mental well-being greatly improved under the wonderful care she received from her adoptive guardian; they were devoted to each other.

Sadly, six years later, at 29 years of age, Coco died of an overwhelming infection on 26 May 2002. Coco is now the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. It is comforting to know that through our existence, Coco had everything that captivity could provide through the love of her guardian. She enjoyed holidays on the Norfolk Broad, riding around in the car, endless cuddles and playing games with her human companion. Coco paid visits to the nursing home where her guardian used to work. Her gentleness and extra sensitive nature tuned in to people with physical and mental disabilities. Everyone who met her loved her.

With moments well treasured and memories so cherished