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African grey parrot. Arrived at NLPR on 14 July 2002. Colly was approximately 65 years old. She was inherited by female family members, having been born in captivity in Honeydon, Cambridgeshire around the 1940s. Colly's last family member to have inherited her, the son of her beloved departed female carer, had her for approximately one month before placing her permanently with NLPR, as he admitted to not knowing how to care for her properly. When she arrived, she was emaciated and weak, only weighing 200g, but with the aid of good food and vital supplements she became stronger and managed to climb up to 300g and maintained this weight. Sadly, due to old age, she had very poor vision and had a profound cataract in the left eye.

During her many years with her former departed carer, Colly once escaped and landed on a church roof, but was finally retrieved after many hours of coaxing. Colly adored women but detested men with a vengeance. She was soppy tame, playful, very chatty and frequently whistled. Colly was a beautifully natured bird, very responsive to people she bonded with, being very affectionate and loving. It is obvious that she has been well loved throughout her life.

It was a daily pleasure to care for this endearing geriatric. As our oldest resident, she was spoilt and cosseted. With deep heartfelt sadness Colly passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday 14th August 2003 at approximately 10am, having suffered a fatal heart attack. We tried to revive her but to no avail. Her loss was devastating. We miss her very much, though take comfort in the fact that her condition improved tremendously in the brief time she was with us and she was able to enjoy life during her final months.

With moments well treasured and memories so cherished