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Orange-winged Amazon. Arrived at NLPR in May 2000. Corky had been kept in a small buderigar cage for three months and was occasionally let out onto a stand. He was fed only black striped sunflower seeds, toast, crisps and a few grapes. Water was not given in the cage because he spilt the parakeet-size water container. His owner would give him water at random through a brass-copper ornamental plant spray. Brass, copper, nickle, lead, zinc causes metal toxicity. Where parrots are concerned, stainless steel is the only safe metal.


Corky adores the outside play aviary during days of good weather. He is a wonderful parrot who has a zest for life which can only come from a rich and fulfilling environment. Corky is one of our Sponsored Adoption birds. Please click here if you would like to sponsor him.