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With deepest heartfelt sorrow, Fred transcended the glorious Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday 6th August 2013

Blue & yellow macaw. Arrived at NLPR on 30 March 1995, believed to be 24 years old. From the freedom of blue skies and green canopies, his streamlined form half-draped in blue embraced the gleaming sky. With graceful strokes he brushed anew and painted shades of gold and blue. Then shadows came and darkness fell... His destination? Export! Domestic pet! That was many years ago.


Fred is a wild-caught macaw. His third owner, an old lady, leg-chained him to a stand for 19 years. He spent the last 9 years on the same stand with a 12-inch perch and leg-chain, shut in a bathroom without any toys or anything to do. His owner visited him each morning with food and water and left him alone until the next day. Because of his raucous voice, his ‘owner’ would hit him with a rolled up newspaper. Fred resorted to feather plucking. After arriving at NLPR, Fred was found to have a recurring eye infection: further investigations revealed that he is partially blind in one eye; a beautiful bird maimed for life through having been constantly hit with a newspaper. He also had calcium deficiency, overall malnutrition, and muscle atrophy; he would climb cage-wire like a fragile old lady trying to get out of her chair.


Fred is now healthy and strong with a beautiful spirit, restored to pride and dignity, though the essence of his spirit lives high above green canopies. Fred is one of our Sponsored Adoption birds. Please click here if you would like to sponsor him.

Playful Fred









Update: Fred is not very well and has an ongoing unidentified condition that is suggestive of a tumour. You can read more about Fred on our facebook page at