Georgie girl

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African grey parrot. Arrived at NLPR January 16th 1998.

George came into the rescue at 18 months old. She was born July 1996 and was bought as a 12 week old young hand reared bird straight from a breeder by an elderly couple, who gave her excellent care; they loved her very much. Because George's person had suffered a stroke and ill-health thereafter, it was decided by both her human carers that it would be in George's long term interests to place her with us while she was still young. They realised they had taken on a parrot too late in life.

George is in excellent health and is a very active and amenable bird who is a clown and who adores the outside play aviary during days of good weather. She lives indoors amongst a companion flock of African greys and one orange-winged Amazon. As we have an open-cage policy, George is at liberty throughout the day.