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African grey parrot. Arrived at NLPR April 1st 1997. Gracie was born December 11th 1996 and came into the rescue at just 14 weeks old because his people found the commitment too daunting and said he was vicious after "nipping" their young son. However, we praise Gracie's people for not advertising and selling him on the open market, so to speak! In their words: "Why should Gracie's future security and welfare be jeopardised when the blame and ignorance is of our doing, as with those involved with his rearing? Gracie should not suffer because of human irresponsibility".

Gracie was bred by Rob Harvey, former owner of Birdworld, and hand raised by the late Rene Stanning. He was sold at just 11 weeks old! Knowing that wild parrots continue to feed their off-spring post fledging, the selling of such a young, vulnerable bird is typical of the captive bred, hand reared trade in parrots. We continued to offer Gracie a hand rearing formula until he refused to take it, which was approximately around 20 weeks old.

Gracie resides with other African greys in a companion flock but adores female human company. He is a very active, curious bird and loves swinging around, be it from hanging toys, rope, clothes or hands!