Heartbreaking news

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By John Hamilton

It is with a heavy heart, I would like to inform our members that on November 6th 2008 at 5.15pm we had to make the soul destroying decision to have our beautiful boy, Walter, euthanized after five weeks of illness and devoted round the clock nursing.

Walter had become poorly early October and after subsequent blood and faecal tests, underwent a course of veterinary treatment. He responded very well to the treatment, having good and not so good days, and was returning to his former self, getting the way, screaming like a baby and doing all of his usual things that, basically, had Julie running around like a “blue ***** fly”!  It was great to have our dear old Walter back—you never know what you miss until you haven’t got it!

Unfortunately, on November 5th, he took a drastic turn for the worse.  Through the course of that night and the following morning, Julie wouldn’t leave his side and tried to entice him with food and drink.  He took both but, sadly, was unable to keep them down.

On the afternoon of 6th November, Julie made the heart-wrenching decision that we should get him to our avian vet for intravenous fluids to hydrate him.  Julie wanted to stay with him but, unfortunately, was not allowed due to health and safety regulations of the practice. Fortunately, we only live ten minutes car journey away and decided to go home and wait with abated breath for an update. Two hours later our vet phoned to say she felt we needed to be with him—which is what Julie wanted all along - as his condition was deteriorating.

We arrived at the surgery and was lead straight through to a back room, to where we saw our beautiful Walter on the floor of his large travel box with his head craned back. Julie immediately got him out and cuddled him with tears streaming down her face. Walter was so weak and could not hold his one and only wing up.  At one point he reached and began to bite Julie’s zip on her jacket, which he loved doing, and for that split second gave us a glimmer of hope, but had just used up all of his remaining strength in telling us, “I know you’re here with me.”

With overwhelming sadness and tears, we knew we had to let him go.  Julie, the vet and her assistant gently stroked him as he was given anaesthetic gas so that he would peacefully fall asleep before the lethal injection.  Walter peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

The following day, we had our own private service at the Cambridge Pet Crematorium where he was lovingly and respectfully cremated.  We returned home with his remains in a beautiful wooden photo-framed casket.