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Monty arrived at the centre on October 5 1996 at 2 years old. He was unwanted due to the owner expecting her first baby and Monty's requirement for lots of attention and his extreme noisiness. Unfortunately, Monty’s three adoptive homes didn’t work out for him and so he was returned to the NLPR 16/3/98. The photo with the extended wing, void of flight feathers, is the condition in which he was returned from his last adopted home. NLPR did not intend to rehome Monty again, so he became a permanent resident and lived in a fully furnished birdroom with two blue & yellow macaws and a female lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo. He is a very sweet and happy-go-lucky character who enjoys the company of our other birds but, as typical of the cockatoo family, required a good level of human company and attention. He enjoyed our outside play aviary during days of good weather.  Monty stayed with us for two consecutive years until, coincidentally, a dedicated guardian came to our attention. We felt we should give Monty another chance of having a home environment where he would receive a good level of attention. Monty went to his new adopted home on 28 October, 2000. Ten and half years on, Monty remains with his adoptive guardian and now shares his home with a female African grey and four smaller parrots. His story has a happy ending: he finally has a loving home with a trusted and knowledgeable friend of NLPR. Yes!