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With heartfelt sadness, Pressy transcended over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, 23rd August 2010.

With moments well treasured and memories so charished


Pressy is an African grey parrot; an adult wild-caught bird, imported for the pet trade. Pressy arrived at the centre in very poor condition. He was suffering from malnutrition: hypovitaminosis A (severe vitamin A deficiency), calcium and overall nutritional deficiency which resulted in a very weak immune system. Muscle weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive thirst, laboured breathing and occasional haemorrhage were clinical symptoms of an underlying disease. Appropriate, diagnostic tests showed that he was suffering from cloaca papillomatosis. Three separate operations were performed to remove the papillomas. However, papillomatosis is not a curable disease and has periods of recurring. It also known to spread throughout the digestive system and be responsible for cancer of the bilary duct, which is an important function of the liver. We give Pressy natural remedies and do our best to ensure that he receives essential nutrients to help strengthen his immune system and prevent a serious relapse.






Simba and Pressy together

He has a prolapsed eye lid due to the trauma he suffered during the capture/import process. Pressy is companion to another African grey, named Simba. They have been together for many years and in 2004 were re-housed in a new sub-tropical aviary with adjoining shelter. Pressy and his companion immediately took to their new environment, which provides them with their own little rainforest. Pressy's age and gender is unknown, but we believe he is entering old age. Although Pressy has been in good health over the past years and truly enjoying life now in his sub-tropical aviary with Simba, his eye sight is, sadly, rapidly deteriorating. We are looking into available treatments in the hope we can delay the inevitable or at best save the sight of one eye.

Pressy and Simba Collage