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Rocky is an African Grey parrot. He came into the rescue because his lady owner was allergic to his powder dust. He had been well cared for but approximately a year prior his arrival, he was the victim of a severe and harsh wing-clip that completely prevented flight and safe landing. Rocky crash-landed into a hard object. The incident caused injury to his sternum (breastbone) which can be extremely dangerous and sometimes results in instant death. The avian veterinarian gave no treatment. When he was placed into our care, we immediately noticed that a hard protruding scab had formed on the sternum. Our avian vet examined the bird and performed surgery to remove the dead infected tissue. This was necessary to prevent further complications setting in. Rocky was prescribed an antibiotic post surgery. When the regrowth of new flight feathers occurred, he acquired good flight co-ordination.

Below: Rocky with his companions, Spix and Kess, in their sub-tropical aviary


Birds thrive in a planted aviary ~ it provides a natural environment!