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SallySally is a scarlet/green winged macaw hybrid. She is 16 years old and started plucking two years ago shortly after having her wings clipped. She was owned by an Italian restaurant proprietor who displayed her and her blue & gold companion to the dinning public. The public complained to the RSPCA. This resulted in her being placed into our care by her owner when she was 15 years old. Sally is a lovely bird who likes men. Her favourite food item is almost any type of nut and will gently take one from strangers. The second picture from top shows her sending a greeting signal in parrot body language.


Naked SallySally shares a bird-room with two other macaws and one Amazon during the day but by night she is Fred's room-mate - although they are indifferent toward each other. Sally enjoys the outside play-aviary with her daily friends during days of good weather.

Sally spreading her wings

Sally with John