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Simba in his aviary shelterSimba is either a wild-caught bird, stolen from the nest when he was young and hand-reared for the appalling exotic pet trade, or reared by his natural parents in captivity. We'll never know because an unscrupulous pet shop sold him to a kind, naïve person.

Simba was with a very caring family for 9 years, but reluctantly placed him in a sanctuary thinking it was the best thing for him. They would regularly visit him. During his time at the sanctuary, he lost one nail from the second toe of the right foot and later lost three toes of the left foot. He still continued to pluck and remained in an outside sheltered aviary by himself with other birds as near neighbours, never once given the direct company of other birds. The sanctuary closed down and the family placed him in our care.

Simba will go through periods of plucking and feathering up but he has formed a friendship with one of our resident greys named Pressy. They now share a sub-tropical aviary with a heated, cosy shelter. The flight is furnished with natural branches, sub-tropical plants and a small water feature. they have parrot toys in their inside shelter but both like playing on the floor. Simba playing cute
Simba's poor toes










Simba and Pressy together 


 Simba at top of flight 

Mini water feature - plants have since flourised 

update: Simba’s friend, Pressy, sadly passed away on 23rd August 2010. The two Greys had been together for nearly fourteen years. Simba now has a new friend named Prince. Both birds took kindly to each other once the first half-hour of beaking was over – they were soon feeding and preening each other.

Simba and Pressy Collage