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Spix was 6 months old when he came into NLPR. His natural father wouldn't allow the hen to raise Spix and so raised him himself with total devotion. When he was taken away from his father at the fledgling stage, he started to feather pluck and ended up looking like a ball of fluffy down.  We had him tested for Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease but this was negative. However, due to having a dry skin condition that was possibly caused by vitamin A deficiency, he received a vitamin A injection. This corrected the problem and stopped him plucking.  Spix is now a very healthy and active parrot who resides happily in a flock group situation. He has bonded to a hand reared, male African Grey named Rocky but has retained a steady disposition and is very amenable to stepping up on to a human hand. Spix and Rocky now enjoy life in their planted aviary and heated shelter.