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Timneh Grey parrot. Arrived at NLPR on 9th June 1995.

Vikki with BillVikki is a wild-caught parrot. She was bought as a breeding pair from a dealer. Her partner died so she was sold to a pet shop. This caused her a tremendous amount of trauma. A very kind lady bought Vikki out of pity and named her 'Victoria' to complement her own Timneh grey called 'Albert'! Vikki's confidence grew in the presence of Albert and the birds became companions to each other, but it took two years for Vikki to settle down and accept food from the patient hand of her lady carer. Unfortunately for Vikki, a few years later, the lady’s son was studying for his exams and complained about the noise the birds were making, which was the reason why Vikki came into our care. Vikki has a very sweet disposition and happily accepted Chucky, another Timneh grey who arrived seven months later. Sadly, Chucky passed over the Rainbow Bridge in January 2003. The rescue carer spent time with Vikki and gained her confidence. Vikki became very responsive to kisses and began soliciting hand preening, which continues to this day. Vikki will now occasionally fly on to her special carer's shoulder or back - when stooped! 

Vikki with her toysVikki enjoying a piece of biscuit










In July 2003, Busby, a companion African grey parrot, arrived at NLPR. Vikki and Busby are at liberty in a log-style furnished room with open space, although Vikki enjoys mixing with other parrots in the outside play aviary during days of good weather. Both birds are permanent residents.

With heartbreaking sadness, dear, stoic Busby passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 26th March 2008.

Vikki with BusbyBusby ~ Forever in our hearts

With moments well treasured and memories so cherished