Special cases

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Two Special Parrots And Two Special Cases

Past legal and health battles to save two particular parrots have cost NLPR hundreds of pounds. This money comes from the pockets of just a handful of dedicated parrot lovers.

Cali: a very special bird.

Cali was a severely underweight umbrella cockatoo. She had growths in her mouth and had no down feathers. Her contour feathers were few and far between and they felt hard and brittle to the touch. Her body temperature was often at fever level.

Over the course of 4 months Cali was taken to the vet over and over again for this test or that. Fungal and bacterial infections were diagnosed and NLPR fought as hard as we know how to save her.

Despite all her suffering, she was a galant and endearing little bird who loved a cuddle (and had a special place in my heart - web master). The treatment cost a fortune but in the end,to save her further suffering, we reluctantly took the decision to have her put down.

Cali's veterinary bill was over £1000.

Sparky: Using the law to fight for an abused bird.

Based on 'inside information' NLPR learned of the dreadful plight of a really great little character, an African Grey, called Sparky. The main points of abuse consisted of: violently shaking the cage and throwing water over him when he made a noise, resulting in him ending up on the bottom of his cage, shaking in fear. Striking him for biting and knocking him across the floor, rendering him unconscious. Withholding food and water for more than a day on a few occasions.

NLPR invoked the law against cruelty to animals (it's not just the RSPCA that can do this) and, accompanied by the Police, seized Sparky from his owners' house. We used the Protection of Animals 1911 S1. Note: the 'Animal Welfare Act 2006' has replaced the 'PAA 1911'

Outraged, the owners threatened legal action. This turned out to be no empty threat and we were forced to defend our action in court. Sparky's case was up before the beak, as it were!

Fortunately, the court found in our favour - but we are left with £800 pounds of legal costs to bear.

Please give generously. Help us help more parrots like Sparky and Cali.

[Sparky, by the way, is now doing splendidly and has made himself a fine set of countour and down feathers which you can see in the toggled picture]