Sponsored adoption

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Please note that we are unable to process Sponsored Adoption Christmas Orders no later than three weeks before December 25th 2011.

You can adopt for yourself or a friend, perhaps as a gift, one or more of NLPR's dependent birds. Your sponsored adoption fee will go toward the care of your chosen bird. There are two types of 'Sponsored Adoptions' available:

Standard Sponsored Adoption - £25:
We will send you a Certificate of Sponsored Adoption a special pen and a framed 5 x 7 inch photograph of your chosen parrot and information sheet about him.
Custom Sponsored Adoption - £45:
As well as the items listed above we will send you a NLPR logo mug and address labels showing your sponsored parrot (5 sheets).

By sponsoring one of our birds you will be making a valuable contribution to that animals welfare at NLPR. Whilst NLPR will always provide for their food, equipment and veterinary care, your sponsorship will help ensure that we are able to continue maintaining the best possible conditions.

Sponsorships can be purchased from our Gift Shop.

We have the following beautiful parrots on our sponsored adoption scheme:


Corky is an orange-wing amazon who arrived at NLPR in May 2000. He had been kept in a small buderigar cage for three months and was occasionally let out onto a stand. He was fed only black striped sunflower seeds, toast, crisps and a few grapes. Water was not given in the cage because he spilt the parakeet size water container. His owner would give him water at random through a brass-copper ornamental plant spray. Corky is a wonderful parrot that has a zest for life which can only come from a rich and fulfilling environment.


Precious, a hybrid scarlet x green-winged macaw, arrived in October 1995 with the sight in one eye only having been attacked by her owner's two dogs. Injuries extended to skull indentation and trauma to the left eye. Precious was lucky to survive. When she was a chick in the nest box she sustained a fall that injured her back and left her partially paralysed down the left side of her body. With the correct treatment, she is now very active and is an extremely family orientated bird.  It is with our heartfelt sadness that Precious transcended the glorious Rainbow Bridge on Monday, 13th December 2010. Precious was 21 years of age. We had her in our loving care for 15 years. She is and always will be deeply missed.


Pressy, an african grey, arrived at the centre in September 1995 in very poor condition. He was suffering from malnutrition: hypovitaminosis A: a calcium overall nutritional deficiency which resulted in a very weak immune system. Muscle weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive thirst, laboured breathing and occasional haemorrhage were clinical symptoms of an underlying disease. Through appropriate tests he was diagnosed as suffering from papillomatosis.Three separate operations were performed to remove the papillomas. Pressy is now in much better health and enjoying life in his sub-tropical aviary with Simba, his African grey companion. With our heartfelt sadness, Pressy passed away and flew over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday 23rd August 2010. He is and always will be deeply missed.


Fred arrived at the centre on March 30 1995. His previous owner had leg-chained him to a stand for 19 years! He spent the last nine of those years in a bathroom, on the same stand with a 12-inch perch and leg chain with nothing to do. Fred's health was very poor. He was suffering from a calcium and vitamin A deficiency and weakness of the muscles. He also has a developing cataract in his right eye due to being hit with a newspaper and had incurred psychological problems. Fred is now very healthy and active. He is our VIP.

It is with our deepest heartfelt sadness that Fred transcended to the glorious Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, 6th August 2013. Fred was 42 + years of age, by his captive years. We had him in our loving care for 18 years. He is and always will be deeply missed. Fred leaves a huge void in all our hearts.

Fred's six month illness is documented on the NLPR fb where images and clips show him playing!