Media profile

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Since the registration of the Charity in June 1996, we have received coverage in various media, newspapers, magazines and TV.




Synopsis of Achievements


·             Successfully assisted the Bird Care Conservation Society of South Australia in a campaign against the South Australian government for revoking the shooting permit and allowing Vintners and Orchardist to shoot unlimited numbers of three indigenous protected species of parrots. NLPR campaigned over the Internet, utilising its own website, and instigated newspaper coverage in the UK and Australia.

·             Successfully worked with the Animal Protection Agency to abolish illegal bird sale markets at both local and government level. 

·             Submitted recommendations and proposed Charter to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in response to the Government’s Draft Welfare Bill 2004, which is now the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

·             Worked undercover to collate evidence of appalling conditions at a wildlife Sanctuary. Submitted evidence to the regional police and RSPCA. Both authorities took action and confiscated a number of animals and birds. NLPR took possession of the parrots via the RSPCA.

·             Worked alongside other organisations on the successful abolition of the importation of wild-caught birds into the EU.

·              NLPR won ‘Charity of the Week’ in the Optimist online competition.




·             Confiscated an abused African Grey under the ‘Protection of Animals Act 1911: S1’. Court ruled in our favour.

·             Successfully retrieved a charity bird from an NLPR adoptive home through the County Court due to a serious decline in the bird’s care and living conditions. Julie Hamilton, founder and honorary executive director, represented NLPR against the defendant’s barrister.



Media and Promotional Coverage


·              Parrots Magazine – published articles and regular NLPR rescue columns

·              Paws 4 Rescue Magazine – published article

·             The Psittascene (World Parrot Trust magazine) – article relating to guidelines for parrot rescue organisations

·              The Lady Magazine – article

·              Lifescape Magazine – article

·              Options Magazine – promotional

·              News of the World – Appeal for a bird house - successful

·              The Times Interface – Appeal for equipment - successful

·              Pam Ayres BBC Radio 2 – Appeal for equipment - successful

·              Local Radio – Promotional

·             Channel 4 (teletext) – Interviewed about the general behavioural repertoire of parrots and parrot cruelty cases at NLPR

·             Sky TV – Interviewed in association with our former insurance company, Exotic Direct

·             London Weekend TV – Interviewed about the unsuitability of keeping parrots as pets

·             French News 2 TV – Interviewed  in response to the H5N1 avian flu virus outbreak