NLPR Fundraising Ventures

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It is appropriate that we mention here our sincere thanks and appreciation to Marianne Kirk, who attends the Devon Health and Social Care Learning Disabiltiy Centre, for thus far raising £25 in total toward the NLPR 'Relocation Appeal'. Marianne made a superb NLPR Relocation Appeal poster and has collected loose change from most people visiting the Centre. Our thanks also to all those who generously gave to the Relocation Appeal via Marianne.

Marianne adores parrots and had two cockatiels called 'Bumble' and 'Nugget', but sadly, she recently wrote to us saying that dear 'Bumble' had passed away. We were all sorry to hear of Marianne's loss and hope that Nugget and her will help each other through their grief. We are sure that dear, beloved Bumble is now over the 'Rainbow Bridge' flying with other parrots. We have placed a gold memorial brick on our 'Wall of Fame' for dear Bumble, bless him.



London Vegan Festival 2009

Photo left to right: Peter, Roger and HellaHella and Roger manning the stall










This fundraising effort raised over £500! Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Hella and Roger.


Kent and Bexley Fundraising Stalls 2008

Hella Gamper setting up the NLPR stall in KentHella at Bexhill