Parrotlysed at Victoria station

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Elizabeth and HellaFlying parrots at Victoria station

Sabrina and ElizabethParrot costumes were seen cheerfully roaming Victoria station on Saturday 2nd April 2011 with donation cans and handing out NLPR leaflets to the commuters. The scene incited a great deal of interest. Some excited children approached the large soft parrot costumes and inquired if they were from the acclaimed film, 'RIO', whose first viewing is on Saturday 9th April 2011.







Entertainment seemed order of the day as two of the costumed parrots exercised their wings and attempted to take off, but the Station Master told them to move on to Heathrow airport. 










Then the personable parrot costumes modelled their highly fashionable wear for those happy clicking cameras.

One commuter remarked: "The perosonable parrot costumes were beautiful, very friendly and acceptably vocal - thankfully never squawked. However, they gave rise to 'flushing' which had me quite concerned - I knew they were not parrotletic - but possibly looking for somewhere to nest."









The hierachy of the flock made an appearance and brought pecking order to those running amuck.

The NLPR fundraising day was fun. All at NLPR wish to heartily thank Hella, Phil, Sabrina and Elizabeth for their time and effort raising £293 for the NLPR rescued parrots. We are sincerely grateful to them for devoting a day to help NLPR! Also, our sincere thanks to all those who made donations on the day - All at NLPR truly appreciate your kindness and generosity!


Finally, if you see this unfortunate forlorn stray, please call us!