Three Cheers for Rio ~ NLPR at the Empire Cinema

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Julie and Elizabeth
NLPR hit London again on Saturday 9th April 2011 at the Leicester Square Empire Cinema by kind permission of the manager, Sarah. It was on the day of the first viewing of the wonderful 3D animated film "Rio.
Julie Hamilton, Founder and Executive Director, joined Hella, Francesco and Elizabeth for the NLPR promotional and awareness event. Our table was colourful with soft toy Macaw beanies and Macaw glove puppets.
Naturally, the ladies paraded around in parrot costumes - only this time with Macaw glove puppets - and were again back in the height of fashion. As at Victoria station the week before, the soft attractive costumes were a big hit with everyone.
Hella and JulieWe also made an appearance outside the entrance of the Empire Cinema, handing out leaflets, waving the Macaw glove puppets at the delighted children and talking to people who were interested in our work and the spectacular film "Rio. Many London and tourist by-passers wanted their photos taken with the costumed parrots, which Elizabeth happily obliged. Cuddles were also in plentiful supply.
The highlight of the day has to be Elizabeth - who comes from Rio - and Julie doing the Samba in the main cinema area, although Julie's version was somewhat parrot-style. The two all dancing parrots wriggled their tails, flapped their wings and swung their feet along the ailses and in front of the big screen whilst people sat in their seats waiting for the curtains to swish open and the magic reel bring it to life. The children and parents looked on in amusement and some even took a few crafty photos!   
Parrot chatterElizabeth 4 Rio!We all had a lovely day thanks to the Empire Cinema! We wish to heartily thank Sarah, Manager of the Leicester Square Empire Cinema, for kindly accommodating us, including all the staff for their kind, friendly manner. 
Our heartily thanks also to Hella, Elizabeth and Francesco.
I'm pleased to report that our gregarious parrots were in perfect pecking order!

"Rio is a "must see" film for all the family. It is not only entertaining with its stunning 3D vision, providing suitable viewing for four year old children, but it also illustrates the illegal trade in wild avifauna - a sad, brutal trade that all adults and children need to be aware of if the world's most threatened group of birds are to survive the next two generations as wild, free-spirited creatures. No one has the inalienable right to rob wild birds or animals of this, their birth-right!