Decline in Charity Donations

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Left: Julie and Fred: Leg-chained to a 12-inch perch for 19 years!FORTY PER CENT DECLINE IN CHARITY DONATIONS

Times are hard for almost everyone but there has been a serious 40 per cent decline in charity donations. This decline has also affected NLPR. News of many small animal rescue charities in financial crisis or have gone under is on the increase. This sadly epitomises the current financial trend. The question is: what happens to all those unwanted animals that were in protective shelter? Lack of good home placements and with the increasing collapse of small animal rescue charities, animal suffering is on the rise and more are facing euthanasia.

We need your help to prevent us encountering these serious problems but we are not looking to take your hard earned cash, most of which in this day and age comprises of just having enough to keep the wolves at bay.

Our largest challenge this year is paying our heating bill. It was necessary during the Big Freeze for us to use our heating system 24/7 at top temperature. Not only for the naked, feather plucked parrots with no insulation but also for the fully feathered parrots!

Here are some fun ideas to raise funds for NLPR:

  1. Coffee mornings with your family, friends and neighbours – charging them or allow them to donate a figure for the coffee, biscuits and cake you provide.
  2. A fundraising meal at home for family and friends – They pay you for the meal you provide.
  3. Brick-a-brack, costume jewellery and clothes sale amongst your family, friends and neighbours.
  4. A darts evening in your local pub.
  5. Gambling evenings at home with family, friends and neighbours, i.e. cards, roulette, twister, Wee games.

These are just some suggestions to raise some cash for NLPR. It doesn’t matter how much it is because every little bit helps us to feed, care and properly provide for our rescued parrots, and if quite a few people gave a little bit of their time and effort, not just now but throughout the year, the fundraising pot would greatly help keep NLPR safe. It is better to have one per cent of one hundred than one hundred per cent of one!

Sally: one of our permanent residents

Thank you from all at NLPR!