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Our vacancies are voluntary only. If you are able to spare some time helping raising funds for a worthy cause, especially when times are lean for NLPR, we would be extremely grateful to hear from you.

We are also looking for someone who is good with administration and promotional work. This would involve voluntary work from your home computer. If you are interested then please admin [dot] nlpr [at] ntlworld [dot] com (email ) us.

FUNDRAISERS: We are in desperate need of fundraisers to help compensate the economic slump. We have listed a few ideas below of how to raise funds and have fun at the same time. Please remember, every bit helps and that it is always wise to have one per cent of one hundred rather than one hundred per cent of one - meaning your valuable efforts could contribute to the total effort of many, thus making every ounce of effort worthwhile and indeed very valuable.


  1. Coffee mornings with your family, friends and neighbours – charging them or allow them to donate a figure for the coffee, biscuits and cake you provide.
  2. A fundraising meal at home for family and friends – They pay you for the meal you provide.
  3. Bric-a-brac sale, either from your garage, a public boot sale or amongst your friends, family and neighbours. Items could include:  cd/dvd, books, costume jewellery, clothes and those unwanted Christmas or birthday gifts.
  4. A darts evening in your local pub
  5. Gambling evenings at home with family, friends and neighbours, i.e. cards, roulette, twister, Wee games etc.
  6. If you're a sporty-type person, then you might like to use your abiltiy to raise funds through sponsorship challanges.
  7. Collect loose change in a jar - it's surprising how much this can add up to, especially when competing with family and friends in who can raise the most amount of money within a set time frame.


GRANT WRITER pro bono: We are need of the services of a professional grant writer to help our small charity. We have been successful in the past but with the economic climate debacle, competition is at its highest and we don't stand a chance against wealthy charities who have the money to employ professional people within this area. Animal charities are one of the worst affected, all are struggling for funds - we are no different. Sadly, quite a few have gone under.