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Animal Welfare Act 2006

Parrot welfare is at the very heart of New Life Parrot Rescue. We feel it is the duty of every animal rescue organisation to bring to both public attention and government departments issues which are detrimental to animal welfare.

Corvid Genocide

Magpies and crows are being wrongly blamed for the serious decline in songbirds, thus - on the murdering orders of Spelman - magpies and crows will be trapped and killed in the first trial cull of its kind to protect British songbirds. Please read more and help support this campaign - write to Spelman and sign the petition.

Pet store chains - Petco!

You don't go to a supermarket to buy a cat or dog so why do so for a parrot? In the UK, Petsmart sold out to Pets at Home - another pet store chain. Early in 2007, Pets At Home announced they have stopped selling parrots altogether!

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

(Article reprinted with kind permission from Best Friends Magazine)

Beak mutilation

This horrible practice involves sawing a parrot's lower bill into two pieces. It's used mainly by cockatoo breeders as captive male cockatoos are sometimes aggressive towards the female - but this is no justification whatsoever.


Is your parrot a little bit noisier than you'd really like? Not to worry, there are vets in America that will rip its voice box out for you. Thankfully, these evildoers are in a minority but the American Association of Avian Veterinarians refuses to condemn them.

Wild-caught birds

On Thursday 11th January 2007, EU animal health experts agreed to a permanent ban on the commercial trade of wild caught birds. This new ruling excludes Captive-bred birds. These will be able to enter the EU. The permanent ban came into effect on 1st July 2007.

Get campaign posters here!

Marc Johnson of Foster Parrots has kindly given us permission to make these hard-hitting campaign posters available for your use.