Animal Welfare Act 2006

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Parrot welfare and the new Animal Welfare Act 2006

Parrot welfare is at the very heart of New Life Parrot Rescue. We feel it is the duty of every animal rescue organisation to bring to both public attention and government departments issues which oppose animal welfare. This helps bring positive changes for the animals most of us profess to love and care about.

The new Animal Welfare Act 2006 came in to force April 2007. It affords better protection for all captive companion animals with its all encompassing "Duty of Care" for each group of animal. Gone are the days under the archaic 'Protection of Animal Welfare Act 1911' when the basic need of just food and water for animals sufficed in order to meet the welfare standard. The new AWA 2006 serves to protect both the physical and psychological needs of captive animals on a species specific level. The AWA 2006 applies to all those who deal and keep companion animals. This means breeders, pet shops, dealers, keepers and animal sanctuaries.

It is in the interest of all animals and, yes, bird keepers to understand specific areas of the legislation that directly relate to the type of animal they keep. This will prevent ignorance and thus bear no excuse for keepers to contravene the new animal welfare standards set out in the AWA 2006. Exotic species such as parrots, other tropical birds and reptiles etc., require a high level of knowledge, care and understanding. Please ensure that you are properly caring and providing for your birds' needs. please read 'The Five Freedoms'.

New Life Parrot Rescue participated in the formulation of the Draft Animal Welfare Bill. Our recommendations to the DAWB are published in the 'House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee of The Draft Animal Welfare Bill First Report of Session 2004-2005' and again in the 'First Report of Session 2004-2005 Volume II'.