Connie Pavlinac writes

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I regard this procedure not as surgery but as Mutilation. I do not believe the birds can remain normal after being subjected to it: they will be terrified of humans and be in constant distress. I challenge the assertion that victims can resume consumption of normal food, drink water or feed their chicks. This procedure must cause them pain, strips them of any dignity they once had and disables their chewing functions.

Obviously male cockatoos must be prevented from harming the hens but there is something extremely wrong with these males and "disarming" them just so that the breeder can continue to produce chicks is absurd. In the wild no mate aggression has ever been witnessed. This implies that breeders are not pursuing aviculture as well as they might. The birds need:

  • bigger aviaries
  • extremely large flights
  • one territory per pair
  • compassionate care

The "problem" is not of the birds' making but is caused by humans. There are good breeders and good vets in the US. Many are as apalled by all this as I am but they are not standing up to be counted.

The bottom line is: once a male has been aggressive to the hen, the pair should be separated immediately.

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