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Pet store chains! - You don't go to a supermarket to buy a cat or dog so why do so for a parrot ?

As pointed out in a letter by Krista Menzel of the Midwest Avian Adoption and Rescue Services (MARRS): these stores have stopped selling dogs and cats, having recognised the high numbers of these creatures that become unwanted. Is it not about time that these companies realised the same is happening to the captive parrot population, as a result of which parrot rescue sanctuaries are springing-up at an ever increasing rate, producing too many parrots per caregiver?

Rescue sanctuaries are "maxed-out" with victims of aviculture. Parrot rescue organisations have reached surplus limits. Parrots and other exotic creatures demand a high level of knowledge and understanding, the absence of which are the key issues causing the increasing number of unwanted captive parrots.
Basic information is not acceptable and only serves to delude the ignorant buyer thus harm the parrots' future welfare.

Do pet shops tell you what you really need to know about parrots? If they did, they wouldn't make a sale, at least, not to anyone with a grain of intelligence. Why do they market parrots as "pets" instead of the inherently wild creatures they are? Why also do they market birds as "caged birds", when in fact they are free-spirited, airborne creatures that need ample space to fly to maintain physical and psychological health? These are makreting strategies to delude the ignorant buying public. Read a real life experience with a 'pet shop' parrot.

To find out what you really need to know, check out the following web sites:

Up-date: In 2005 PETCO, a US pet chain store, quit selling large parrots with the possibility of Petsmart following suit - although pet store chains should stop selling parrots altogether. Isn't it about time UK pet chain stores did the same?

In the UK, Petsmart sold out to Pets at Home - another pet store chain. Early in 2007, Pets At Home announced they have stopped selling parrots altogether!