Animals in Need TV Programme

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Petition No. 1

We have some exciting news to share with animal and parrot lovers. The non-profit organisation, ‘Wetnose Animal Aid, has launched this petition for an ‘Animals in Need’ T.V fundraising event, which is in the same vein as the BBC ‘Children in Need’. Wetnose requires 5,000 signatures. So, let us take heart in this petition by signing and circulating it far and wide - goodness knows the parrots and animals need this!

A message from Andrea Gamby-Boulger and Tina Smith from the ‘Wetnose Animal Aid’ organisation: “Please sign our petition and pass on to as many people as possible. We hope 5,000 people will sign it and then we will write to the BBC and say as license payers we wish to see a similar programme to help animals!”

Enough of talking - time for action!!