Monk Parakeet Cull

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Petition No. 6

UPDATE October 2011: Permission to shoot rare parakeets on public land in Borehamwood has been withdrawn with immediate effect. The Hertsmere Borough Council received a 1,800 signed petition calling for the eradication programme to end. The Council have stopped DEFRA in their tracks until further investigations have been made as to the validity of the cull. The Council are also allowing campaigners to air their concerns. 

Monk parakeetThe Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, (DEFRA) are culling Monk parakeets following the wishes of Natural England. This senseless, cruel act must be stopped.

NLPR is not the only pro-active charity to oppose DEFRA on this issue, including many other cruel, senseless culls on non-human animals. The Animal Protection Agency, Animal Aid, all parrot organisations and enthusiasts are also in opposition to this atrocity. 

There is no substantial evidence to validate a cull. Whilst ever there are parrots in captivity, there will be those who are purposely released, espcape, breed and colonise in the wild. DEFRA and Natural England should be redressing this problem at grass-root level and thus legislate to ban breeding them. Please note: The RSPB has not condemned the cull. Their failure to speak out is highly suspicious of a) their support of the cull and b) that it again illustrates their silent policy for species-specific preferences.



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