The Precursor

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The precursor to the unnecessary suffering of domestic animals, birds and parrots is their perpetual breeding. The UK has a crisis over-population of these unwanted animals. Animal shelters are bursting at the seams with throw-away, abused and neglected animals. This crisis is an indictment of human indifference, irresponsibility, ignorance and greed.

Parrots are wild at heart, thus beyond the ‘pet’ concept. New Life Parrot Rescue (NLPR) is adamantly against their perpetual breeding and the stealing of eggs and offspring for the hand-reared pet trade. There are thousands of unwanted parrots, with very few ethical parrot rescue organisations in existence to meet the demand. The larger parrots easily live up to fifty years or more, making it impossible to counter-balance their continual breeding. Parrots commonly experience four homes before they reach the age of five.



 Walter had suffered at the hands of the merciless import trade. His left wing was cut-off by a machete when he was a fledgeling - he was used as a decoy bird. He arrived into our loving care on 5th June 2005 close to death. He had no tail, gastrointestinal problems and was severely emaciated. Walter immediately stole our hearts with his adorable character, which flourished with his strength and wellbeing. Love is not species-spefic and has no boundaries - I loved - and still love - this wonderful bird beyond measure. With heartfelt grief, we lost him on 6th November 2008 due to illness.  By Julie Hamilton: Founder and Executive Director