AVIx Products

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NLPR uses AVIx products: AVIx Booster, AVIx Sunshine and their HEALx Soother Plus cream, of which the latter offers natural pain relief (analgesic) for skin irritation, inflammation and post-surgical wounds and is an alternative  natural antibiotic for management of skin infections. We can vouch for this.

We have used both AVIx Booster and Sunshine for a bird with papillomatosis and feather-plucking. where the feather folicles have not been destroyed. We believe these helped ease the symptoms.

AVIx Booster and AVIx Sunshine are beneficial to a parrot's immune system, thus his or her health and well-being! View this pdf link for full information view AVIx Product information here 

General Information

AVIx Products are designed by Zoological Education Network and are available at:

High standard avian vet clinics or

UK dealers Northern Parrots

American dealers Harrison's Pet Products