Homeless parrots

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Whether it is a new baby, a house move, a relationship break-up, the current financial climate or spring fever / hormonal behaviour, parrots are losing their homes at an alarming rate, to the point where parrot rescue organisations cannot keep pace.

Charities are now suffering a downturn in donations due to the current financial slump. It is understandable that 'charity begins at home', but it is wrong to overburden animal shelters with your once beloved animal / parrot when the going gets tough, as we are all affected, one way or another.

As a financial measure in response to the current financial climate, animal charities are conserving their resources by cutting their services and sadly some are using selective euthanasia to reduce the burden of the increased influx of unwanted animals. Although this is broadly condemned and reflects badly on animal shelter organisations, it also reflects badly on society as a whole. We are living in a throw-away society that we are generally responsible for creating, thinking only of ourselves and not what we are duly responsible for. Animals are not throw-away commodities; they are sentient beings that need our protection. Those parting with them will often claim they are a much-loved family member. So the question is: Why are you booting out a family member?

New Life Parrot Rescue & Helpline Service is a small charity with limited resources, consisting of less than a handful of voluntary workers. We have reviewed our situation and now must conserve our funds and resources to maintain and secure both our rescued parrots and the survival of the charity. It is thus that we ask people to take responsibility for the rehoming of their own bird, unless the person is elderly or disabled. We will also maintain to help parrots in abusive situations, as these are the neediest.

We have provided some pointers in the opposite panel to help the parrot avoid the pitfalls of rehoming.
Please be warned: there is no guarantee that your bird will remain in situ once you have parted with him or her. It follows that your reason and situation for giving up your parrot might one day be the same reason and situation for your parrot going to yet another home. This is what we call in the rescue field the 'Recycling Syndrome' and is the reason why we do not rehome our rescued birds.

"Many have forgotten this truth, but you must not forget it. You remain responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." ~ Antoine de Saint Exupery


"Getting a large parrot is like playing Russian
roulette with 5 bullets in 6 chambers. There is a chance that it will
work out for the bird's lifetime, but the chances are really slim.
These animals should not be pets."
Krista Menzle ~ Avian Welfare Coalition


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