Natural Healing

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Photo courtesy of Bob & Liz Johnson, of the Shyne Foundation

Natural healing is a subject that conventional medicine, as a whole, refuses to acknowledge as having little or no viable healing properties. However, there is growing support for alternative natural healing remedies from homeopathy to acupuncture. The circle is forever expanding to include Reiki, hands-on and crystal healing.

All living things are made of atoms from which comes the creation of cells. It takes energy to create all matter. Where does this energy come from? Many believe it comes from the Universe. And so it is that we have Universal Healing Energy. By tapping into this energy, the natural healing process can begin. New ways of administering healing energy is a constant discovery.

With the dawning of the 21st Century, science is opening up to new possibilities and many in this field recognise that all living things have an etheric body (energy field) that influences overall health. Health declines when the etheric body is unbalanced. The causes are mainly from the precursors of modern day living. There is no doubt that our planet’s natural environment is out of balance, which naturally affects the health of all living things.

For example, a relaxing walk in unspoiled countryside - which is vastly disappearing - creates a feeling of oneness with nature. Here you will experience peace, tranquillity and overall beauty, with perhaps a sensual perception of invisible energies working in harmony to sustain all life. This natural balance of energies promotes health and provides a natural "good-feeling" factor, something of which is overtly void in a concrete, technically dominated world where dependency upon artificially induced stimulants is now the norm.

A large majority of us live outside our natural selves – disconnected from nature - and so it is the same for our companion animals. Animals are still inherently closer to nature than the modern human and so it is that they are ready subjects to receive the benefits of natural remedies and Universal Healing Energy methods in which to restore their lost equilibrium. Birds are by nature free spirits and the ones in our homes are at best inherent wild companions. How much thought and attention goes into the spiritual well-being of an animal or bird when sickness strikes? Spiritual well-being is equally important as physical health and requires the same measure of attention not only during illness but also as a means to prevent illness.

Take THAT walk in the countryside to understand the connection, or disconnection as the case may be! See it, feel it, breathe it from nature’s perspective and all life forms that embrace her. It is an exhilarating experience.

Veterinary science has a vital role but its scope focuses on physical health, therefore it has its limitations. This brings us back to the etheric body whereby the individual energy field vibrates at a higher or lower velocity according to the ratio of exposure to negative and positive influences. Conventional methods cannot correct this type of imbalance. To my mind and experience, the enhancement of Universal Healing Energy, not excluding the use of crystals and such like, is the only one and truly beneficial source to re-balance the natural rhythm.

This draws me to the rehabilitation of sick, traumatised, abused and neglected animals and birds whom require much more than conventional medicine, alone. Where there is an ebbing spirit, the life of an animal or bird hangs like a thread. Invasive medical treatment is often too coarse and brutal at this stage, especially with avian creatures. Natural healing forces are essential in correcting etheric imbalances for restoration of physical, mental and spiritual function, thus creation of an equilibrium of energies that resonate with nature.

As a point of note: Science is an explorative field. Some people only accept that which has resulted from a scientific process, but will not accept science outside of the normal perimeter. The scientific brain has yet to uncover many levels of science. However, we are at a stage in our evolution where we are breaking through to better understanding how natural forces work and their yielding benefits. Open mindedness attracts knowledge; a closed mind shuts out knowledge.

Please also note: The intention of this article is not to replace or dismiss veterinary treatment. The purpose is to address areas outside the scope of conventional medical treatment, to acknowledge that natural healing is a dimensional science that should be encouraged to work in conjunction with scientific treatments.