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There are ten species of eclectus parrot.

They all show marked sexual dimorphism with the males being a solid bright green colour with varying amounts of red at the wing edges and undersides and the females red with purple or blue on the back. They are about the size of an Amazon.

 Male Eclectus

They live in the islands of Indonesia, Australasia and parts of Northern Australia. Of the ten species it tends to be only the Grand, Red-sided, Solomon Island and Vosmaeri that are seen in captivity.

They do not make good pets since the male is very prone to self-plucking if distressed and the female extremely aggressive and domineering: she may keep the male away from any nestbox or food bowl and have been known to starve or bully him to death.

Female Eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus)Eclectus parrots need a relatively specialised diet of fruits: figs, pomegranate, mango etc. rather than seeds. All parrots need more than just seeds of course but this is especially true of the eclectus. They have a special need for vitamin A and calcium.