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There are many different types of macaw and unfortunately, some extinct ones. There are also some very attractive hybrids and different subspecific varieties within the group.

In captivity one most often sees the blue and yellow macaw, the green-winged or the scarlet. These are all large and powerful birds. The largest is the blue hyacinth macaw and the smallest, the diminutive Hahn's macaw. All these birds share the same body plan with a more or less bare patch of skin around the eye and a long tail.

 Green-winged macaw                                                                              Blue and Yellow macaw









Red-bellied macawScarlet macawA wild flock of Green-winged MacawsA wild flock of Hyacinth Macaws






















A wild Hyacinth macaw 




















The above three photos are of wild macaws in their native range of Peru and the Pantanal in Brazil, respectively. Photos by Jo and Bryan Williams, published by kind permission.