Surplus Parrots in the UK

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Statistics for Unwanted Parrots in the UK, 2005

Giving a conservative estimate, we receive 5 calls per week from people wishing to place their parrot with us. This amounts to 260 unwanted parrots per annum. Multiply this by our existing 10 years of rescue work and we have a total of 2,600 unwanted parrots that have directly come to our attention via our telephone helpline and internet site. (This excludes the parrots that we reach through other means.) Multiply the 260 unwanted parrots per annum by the number of parrot rescue organisations and individual rescuers in the country (conservative figure of 200), equals 52,000 relinquished birds per annum.

Now take a conservative estimate of 2,000 parrots bred and sold into the pet trade per week, giving 106,000 parrots per annum. This is over one million parrots bred and sold into the pet trade since 1995! The result is that 50% of the captive parrot population is dealt with by parrot rescue organisations/individuals on an annual basis. Bear in mind that this doesn't account for the unknown number of parrots entering the broad spectrum of animal sanctuaries, nor those that are recycled via other means: advertisements in bird publications, newspapers, Exchange & Mart, and the Internet. Therefore, we suspect that the number of relinquished parrots is close to 75% of those bred and sold in the pet trade.

Finally, keeping these figures in mind, remember the longevity of parrots, which ranges from 50+ years for the larger species.

There is no doubt that we have a crisis population of unwanted companion parrots!

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