Corky is an orange-wing amazon who arrived at NLPR in May 2000. He had been kept in a small buderigar cage for three months and was occasionally let out onto a stand. He was fed only black striped sunflower seeds, toast, crisps and a few grapes. Water was not given in the cage because he spilt the parakeet size water container. His owner would give him water at random through a brass-copper ornamental plant spray. Corky is a wonderful parrot that has a zest for life which can only come from a rich and fulfilling environment.
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There are two types of 'Sponsored Adoptions' available:

Standard Sponsored Adoption - £25:
We will send you a Certificate of Sponsored Adoption a special pen and a framed 5 x 7 inch photograph of Corky and information sheet about him.
Custom Sponsored Adoption - £45:
As well as the items listed above we will send you a NLPR logo mug and address labels showing Corky (5 sheets).

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Price: £25.00