Sad Announcement

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It is with heartbreaking sadness that we make this late announcement of the passing of John Hamilton, former trustee and treasurer to NLPR since 1995, on June 8th 2017 after battling with terminal illness (cancer) over the past year. He suffered two operations, of which one lengthy procedure was extensive pelvic reconstruction, which hampered his mobility. John left this world with great stoicism. 

John played an integral support role in NLPR's operations aside from his treasury duties from erecting aviaries, innovative maintenance work and transport driver to cleaning birdie areas. His life since 1995, alongside his wife Julie Hamilton, the charity's founder, was NLPR and over the past decade and more, their two German shepherd rescued dogs, Angel and Shayne. Angel sadly passed away in 2015 at 13.5 years old. John was the backbone of NLPR.

As with most men with their admiration for things on wheels, John especially enjoyed model classic cars and the valuable short time spent with his daughters, Carla and Stacey and his three young grandchildren -Bethany, Livvy and Bailey and his very dear friend, Bill Tully, throughout his illness.

This huge loss has left a void in the life of NLPR, his wife Julie, their two adult daughter's and young grandchildren, Lulu cockatoo, African grey Georgie-girl. Sally macaw and many more members of NLPR's flock. All who knew and love John deeply miss him on many levels. John is now with Angel, his other beloved dogs who went before him, with VIP Fred macaw whom he loved dearly and our other Rainbow birds whom he also loved and cared about. Bless you John with heartfelt thanks for all you gave, your selfless service to those in need and for your ethical vegan lifestyle.  

Our heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude to our special friends and helpers who rallied round to help the birds and keep NLPR standing and is still continuing to loan their support.

For anyone who would like to donate to NLPR in John's memory and for his dedicated work, can do so via online secure WorldPay or using the PayPal button option at: