NLPR Sweepstake Draw

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The Xmas 2012 draw has kicked off with Fred, our VIP! We only have £5 in the pot but with your participation, we can bump it up considerably! So, please support this effort to raise funds for NLPR's rescued birds this Christmas! You could be one of three winners. The Xmas draw closes midnight December 22nd and will be drawn January 2nd 2012. After which, the three lucky winners will be notified in writing within five days.  Thank you!

Update: we now have £90 in the Sweepstake pot! YAY!!!


Sweepstake Draw details 

Entry is £1 per sweep and each month three lucky winners will equally share 50% of the total money raised during each calendar month. We will close the draw on the last day of each month at 12.00 midnight. Governed by charity law, NLPR is unable to give away more than half the money raised in a cash prize, so the Charity will receive the remaining 50%. As times are extremely lean, this will help boost NLPR’s income for the care of our rescued parrots. Through your participation, you would be helping NLPR parrots and reap your own reward if your number is drawn!

How does it work?

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You are able to buy one or as many 'sweeps' as you like from our online ‘Gift Shop’ using our secure WorldPay payment facility. Or, you can now use PayPal, but with this payment facility, please tell us that your payment is for the Sweepstake Draw and how many tickets you want. We are able to take GBP, the US dollar and Euro via PayPal.
  • We retain all entry names and full contact details with full Data Protection and our guarantee that we will never give or share your personal details with any outside party.
  • We allocate a number per entry name, per sweep. For example: if you are the first entry of the month and you purchase one sweep, your allocated number is 1. If you buy, for example, five sweeps, your allocated numbers are 1 to 5. If you are entry person number 10 and purchase 10 sweeps, your allocated numbers are 10 to 20, or simply number 10 if you purchase 1 sweep.
  • We will notify you by email of your entry number(s).
  • We have 3 respectful adjudicators that have no knowledge of any entry names and their numbers.
  • On the close of each monthly draw, we ask each adjudicator to randomly select a number between 1 and the total amount of entries accumulated in the monthly draw.
  • We easily match the randomly selected numbers to the allocated numbers per named entry, resulting in easy identification of 3 monthly winners.
  • We will display the names and region of the lucky monthly winners alongside the total amount accumulated and awarded, until new winners are selected in the following monthly sweepstake draw.

To give everyone a fair opportunity, we will announce weekly on the home page of our website how much is accumulating in the sweepstake pot.