NLPR needs to relocate....

Relocation is essential for the charity to further its purpose and accommodate the increasing problems that captive parrots are encountering at an accelerating rate. We have a crisis over-population of unwanted parrots in the UK. Our limited resources are now hampering our progress in being able to address their difficulties.

Rescued Macaws enjoying life in one section of a quarter acre, free flighted, walk through habitat. Imagine, New Life being able to provide this for rescued birdsóbirds who have known long-term confinement and in some cases, life-long confinement. As well as this, we aim to provide accommodation for companion parrots. We can do this with YOUR help!

Parrots in enclosureParrots in enclosureParrots in enclosure

Photo: courtesy of Liz & Bob Johnson of the Shyne Foundation Florida, USA.

Will you help us to reach our £1,000,000 target which would enable NLPR to move to larger premises in East Anglia?

Share this exciting project with us by buying a £10 / £50 / £100 brick and have your name on our Wall of Fame, or make a £1 donation and we will place a text entry of your name on the 'donors' list' on our web site. All sponsors, large and small will also have their names added to our Benefactors' Scroll, permanently displayed, taking pride of place, at the new sanctuary. SO . . . . . let's get building!

Please click the following button to view some of our birds and read about the hidden crisis.

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If you are able to offer financial help or know someone who can then please contact us at: OR Telephone: +44 (0)1480 390040