NLPR Questionaire

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Take part in this questionnaire to see how well you understand the nature of parrots and which category they fall in!

We are undertaking an educational survey in the interests of parrot welfare. We will publish the results in due course.

The five categories used to classify pet animals are from a paper by C A Shuppli and D Fraser in 'Animal Welfare' - the journal of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, 2000, Vol 9.

The question is: ‘How would you categorise ‘pet’ (companion) parrots?’ Please exclude cockatiels, budgerigars and lovebirds.

Where a category mentions "effects on the community and the environment" it relates to matters such as noise problems, disease transmission, physical human safety and what to do with 'unwanted' members of that type of pet animal etc.

So, in which of the following five categories do you think 'pet' parrots would be best placed?

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