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Our vacancies are voluntary only. If you are able to spare some time helping raising funds for a worthy cause, especially when times are lean for NLPR, we would be extremely grateful to hear from you.

We are also looking for someone who is good with administration and promotional work. This would involve voluntary work from your home computer. If you are interested then please admin [dot] nlpr [at] ntlworld [dot] com (email ) us.

Wish List

Our 'Wish List' for 2011 contains the following items:

Brand New Parrot toys suitable for African grey to Macaw size:

Relocation appeal

NLPR needs to relocate....

Times are changing and never before has there been so much interest in the plight of both captive and wild parrots. Parrot rescue organisations in the USA have come together to form a grass-roots welfare advocacy network to strengthen their purpose and act as an international educational resource.

New Life Parrot Rescue & Helpline Service is working toward creating an ethical UK parrot rescue network and extending its services. In order to do this, we need to relocate to a suitable premises that will form the first UK parrot welfare advocacy centre.

Unused stamps

NLPR is phasing out used postage stamps and foreign coins in replacement of UN-USED stamps. We would be grateful to receive UN-USED postage stamps and 2nd or 1st class Postage Stamp Books. These are a worthy donation and help reduce our administration costs. If you have any questions regarding this appeal please email us at nlpr [at] nlpr [dot] org [dot] uk THANK YOU!

Please send your UN-used stamps to:

New Life Parrot Rescue,
PO Box 84,
PE19 2LB


Our Appeals pages are for the purpose of helping supporters to keep abreast of our projects and understand our needs. It also incorporates a 'Vacancies' page and ‘Wish List’ for every day items that we need.

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