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The Bird, The Cage and the Choice

The bird, the Cage and the Choice

The Precursor

The precursor to the unnecessary suffering of domestic animals, birds and parrots is their perpetual breeding. The UK has a crisis over-population of these unwanted animals. Animal shelters are bursting at the seams with throw-away, abused and neglected animals. This crisis is an indictment of human indifference, irresponsibility, ignorance and greed.

Is Yogurt Good For Birds?

No, yogurt is not good for birds! Avian veterinarians might advocate the feeding of yogurt to birds for its supposedly beneficial friendly bacteria but NLPR does not feed yogurt to birds for the following explanation that has scientific value. Aside from the below information, please heed the following:

Homeless parrots

Whether it is a new baby, a house move, a relationship break-up, the current financial climate or spring fever / hormonal behaviour, parrots are losing their homes at an alarming rate, to the point where parrot rescue organisations cannot keep pace.

Warning on Cheese!


Our charity feels it is important to warn people of the potential health risks of feeding cheese to avian species, contrary to the formed opinion of long-standing bird/parrot keepers, related avian organisations and the RSPB.


This collection of leaflets contains information about the care and welfare of parrots. We provide these downloadable leaflets so that you can download, print and distribute them.

To download these files, right-click on the "Download" link and select "Save Link As".

AVIx Products

NLPR uses AVIx products: AVIx Booster, AVIx Sunshine and their HEALx Soother Plus cream, of which the latter offers natural pain relief (analgesic) for skin irritation, inflammation and post-surgical wounds and is an alternative  natural antibiotic for management of skin infections. We can vouch for this.

We have used both AVIx Booster and Sunshine for a bird with papillomatosis and feather-plucking. where the feather folicles have not been destroyed. We believe these helped ease the symptoms.

Surplus Parrots in the UK

Statistics for Unwanted Parrots in the UK, 2005

Giving a conservative estimate, we receive 5 calls per week from people wishing to place their parrot with us. This amounts to 260 unwanted parrots per annum. Multiply this by our existing 10 years of rescue work and we have a total of 2,600 unwanted parrots that have directly come to our attention via our telephone helpline and internet site.

Clipping diagrams

One of the beautiful sights you will miss if you clip.
Feather anatomy and terminology - wing viewed from underneath.

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