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Parrots in pet shops

Are you considering buying a highly intelligent, sentient creature, such as a parrot, from a pet shop? Please read the following information, sent to us from a correspondent, and understand why parrots do not belong in pet shops.

Here are some points that Henry has made me aware of - but I know he will be teaching me a lot more, day by day.

The large pet shop was on a retail park - as most of them are.

First aid for Parrots

The advice we are giving here is meant as first aid only. We are not vets. if you are worried about your bird or not sure then it's vital you get proper advice from a specialist avian vet fast as sick parrots can go downhill rapidly

Bleeding nails

Usually arise from accidentally cutting into the 'quick' during nail clipping by the parrot's human (be far more careful next time) but the bird may cause the problem itself by overzealous pedicure during preening.

Natural Healing

Photo courtesy of Bob & Liz Johnson, of the Shyne Foundation

Natural healing is a subject that conventional medicine, as a whole, refuses to acknowledge as having little or no viable healing properties. However, there is growing support for alternative natural healing remedies from homeopathy to acupuncture. The circle is forever expanding to include Reiki, hands-on and crystal healing.

Feral Parrots in the UK

Updated News 18th October 2015!

Eastern RosellaWe are delighted to receive correspondence from Allen & Jane Manning, a couple of days ago notifying us with a photo of a little visitor to their garden, an Eastern Rosella, in High Wycombe, Bucks.

Allen and Jane spoke to their local RSPCA who said there a a few Eastern Rosellas surviving in the wild in the area.

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