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Petitions are an important aspect to help fight an injustice or bring awareness to a cause. They are also a good tool to call into action something of a positive nature.

Petitions provide us with an opportunity to join a collective force and thus 'stand up and be counted'. We feel it is important to feature here, on the NLPR website, animal oriented petitions of significant ethical value. 

Campaign posters

These posters were provided courtesy of Marc Johnson of Foster Parrots, a non-profit parrot rescue organisation. Visit the Foster Parrots website at

To download these posters in Jpeg format right click on the images below and 'save as' in your right click menu.



Devocalisation - NLPR speaks out

Julie Hamilton

Devocalisation is the deliberate burning of a parrot's syrinx by physical heat, administration of chemicals or by radio-surgery. It is in itself painful and often damages adjacent structures such as the oesophagus. Birds often do not survive the process: those that do, emerge physically and emotionally harmed.

With the intention of forcing a formal statement from the American AAV, New Life Parrot Rescue wrote to the organisation in April 2000:

Dr X: an apology

Good triumphs over evil: Dr. X sees the light and apologises

He writes:

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