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Archie ~ Lost and Found

ARCHIE ~ By Julie Hamilton


NLPR Fundraising Ventures

It is appropriate that we mention here our sincere thanks and appreciation to Marianne Kirk, who attends the Devon Health and Social Care Learning Disabiltiy Centre, for thus far raising £25 in total toward the NLPR 'Relocation Appeal'. Marianne made a superb NLPR Relocation Appeal poster and has collected loose change from most people visiting the Centre.

Scruffy and Coco

 Scruffy and Coco ~ By Julie Hamilton

The Spirit

When the heart weeps

NLPR Rescue Adventures

Rescue life is full of adventure, with both wonderful and bad experiences. It is fundamentally alteristic in nature, always placing the parrots' welfare above all else. It is both a hard, sometimes demoralising, and rewarding life. 

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Umbrella cockatoo. Arrived at NLPR on 28th May 1996 at nearly 23 years old. Coco was born 4th July 1973 and was hand-reared. She bonded with the female carer who hand reared her. At the age of four years, she was re-housed in an outside aviary with her brother. This induced self-mutilation due to the trauma of having separated from her female surrogate parent and familiar environment.


African grey parrot. Arrived at NLPR on 14 July 2002. Colly was approximately 65 years old. She was inherited by female family members, having been born in captivity in Honeydon, Cambridgeshire around the 1940s. Colly's last family member to have inherited her, the son of her beloved departed female carer, had her for approximately one month before placing her permanently with NLPR, as he admitted to not knowing how to care for her properly.

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